The Laboratory for Structural and Molecular Biology - LaBiME – at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) coordinated by Prof. Yraima Cordeiro focuses in the molecular and structural characterization of proteins and macromolecules that are potential therapeutic targets.


Among the therapeutic targets we are especially interested in the characterization of proteins involved in amyloidosis and degenerative diseases. From the knowledge of the structure and function of these proteins, we aim to understand the mechanisms that lead to their ordered aggregation and we are also involved in the selection and design of drugs that act on the studied therapeutic targets. The applied methodologies involve spectroscopic techniques such as fluorescence, circular dichroism, static and dynamic light scattering, infrared spectroscopy, and also small angle X-ray scattering.



Cell biology techniques are also employed for evaluation of toxicity of protein aggregates on cells in culture and the effect of selected compounds as potential therapeutic agents. Our goal is to correlate structure and function of proteins, as well as to understand their interactions with molecular partners, as well as methods of therapeutic intervention.


Selected publications


The research group includes a Post-Doc, a Technician, Graduate and Undergraduate Students.




Head of LaBiME

Yraima Cordeiro obtained her PhD in Biological Chemistry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2005.


Her main research interests involve folding/misfolding and aggregation of proteins related to degenerative diseases, with a focus in prion protein. The selection and evaluation of therapeutic compounds against prion diseases is also a main research topic from her laboratory.


She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, and is head of the Laboratory for Structural and Molecular Biology (LaBiME) since 2009.


Cordeiro's research team includes a Post-Doc, a Technician, Graduate and Undergraduate Students.


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